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found it - How a Section 7 report should be conducted
Finally found it - well worth a read to see how much has been B*****ed up by your 'officer'

read - compare and weep

this will be in my bundle
The problem we all face is that regardless how poor the report is written and the recommendations by the reporting officer who are seen to be professionals in this field. The judge / magistrates will follow suit to their findings.
You can argue tooth and nail . These people know what is in the best interest of the child? Remember they are the experts in the judges eyes.

If the reports carry factual inaccuracies. You can push for a contested hearing.

The bottom line is your just a parent and they are the professionals. The courts are not going to embarrass the officer of the court by dismissing these findings.

You find in every case you challenge the reports . The reporting officer will state . You will have to bring up the inaccuracies to the judge .It will be for the judge to decide.

The system is poor. manipulated and divide families further.

I respect all professionals I am one too and have been in this shoe box of cover ups etc. Thankfully I was never that way inclined to produce crap in court report.
The problem is the good reports and the shit ones get mixed up to a point where the judgment is relatively the same.
The non resident parent has contact ie every other weekend.
If your a mum then it could be more.
The advice I would give is say less and keep it factual and child focused. Ie mirror the welfare checklist.
Do your position statements in line with it.
Cafcass will do their best to fook it up by focusing on the parents as inadequate parents. The thing to focus on is about the child.

But this all depends on if you have a experienced worker.

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