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Seeking separation and divorce
Has made my life livable the last year TBH!
What has really helped for me is learning that everything my wife is doing and everything I am feeling is not unique. When it started it was like waking up in a different world where everybody I was close to had suddenly gone crackers. It's STILL a different world and the people I was closest to HAVE gone crackers but it's starting to feel almost normal and it's happening to a lot of people. It doesn't solve the problem but it does help.
I found this article on this website:

which would be ideal for the kids. I would be totally ready for it, and I emailed her yesterday suggesting we do that. For the whole day she was quite cheerful (despite what is going on between us) and I strongly suspect she didn't read my email until well into the night. This morning she was really somber with an all too familiar long face that speaks volumes.

I am starting to realise she might be bi-polar and have some kind of borderline personality disorder. She is indeed very prone to extreme mood swings... She could be absolutely fine, and the minute I say something she doesn't like, she can go berserk in less that 1 second. It's so difficult to deal with someone like this...
I had a quick call with a solicitor which suggested a reasonable solution for the financial aspects, which is fine to me. So hopefully this aspect will be easily sorted and my wife will move to our previous house which is almost refurbished.

Regarding the kids, the solicitor suggested one week with mummy, one week with daddy. I had a quick chat with my wife, and she said it's better for the kids to be with one parent during the week, and the other parent for weekends and holidays.

I don't really mind either way. Do you guys have some experience one way or the other?

Thanks a lot
1 week on 1 week off would be my preference if it works well with work
I'm no expert but I would say you get the weekends and she gets the week means that she gets most of the time and your opportunities to go dating at the weekends and find somebody else are frustrated.

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