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Would you feel this is a fair contact schedule?
After having the gods look over me at the last hearing where the judge count not make any arrangements around contact. A bizarre turn of events as I had stopped all contact at this point and was right and wrong in doing so by the previous micky mouse order that was appealed and won and waiting for a retrial.

Anyway I was left to draft out a contact schedule and usually was in a very good position as the courts didnt want to know. So It changed bk to dad being resident parent where the noddy order previously stated shared.hense the appeal etc

I was a little rushed at court to draft out something so I would like to know if at the next hearing I should reduce the time spent.

This is what I have put in place until the next hearing its a progression leading up to every other weekend.

Week 1
Tue and Thu 3-6pm

Week 2
Tue 3-6
Fri 3pm-Sun 1pm

I will be looking to alter week 1,
where it will either reduce to 2hours on Tue and Thu or just have the one day on the Wed

Week 2, I will take the tue away.

I am looking to eventually look like the below

Option 1

Week 1
Wed 3-6pm

Week 2
Fri 3pm -Sun 3pm


Option 2

Week 1
Tue 3-5 Thu 3-5

Week 2
Tue 3-5 , Fri 3pm-Sun 3pm

Any thoughts would be appreciated. I feel some what empathy for the ex yet the crap she has caused me and my son I should be bitter
Has that order you drafted actually been submitted now? As she is likely to make a big stink if you try and reduce it I think. I'm a bit confused when you say it's leading up to every other week-end as it sounds like she has every other week-end already (Friday 3pm to Sun 3pm).

If you have welfare concerns it's the week-end I'd be worried about. Is the contact to be supervised or have they decided she can have unsupervised?

I guess if what you have in place is until the next hearing it will be to see how things go. They will be looking to see if either there are any welfare issues (re her) or whether you keep to it as well possibly. Although clearly if something happened you'd need to stop contact and inform social services I guess.

I guess you could argue to reduce it at next hearing if son is showing signs of distress. At the next hearing she may have a barrister arguing for more contact as well possibly.

Out of the two options though, one is maybe not enough contact and the second one is maybe too much with it being every other day midweek. I'd have thought every Tues 3pm to 5pm (or 6pm) and Fri to Sun the second week might be better. That is almost every other week-end and a midweek night, except it's a midweek visit.
Thumbs up Charlie,
Agree totally, I wanted to see how it goes till the next hearing and giving one more chance as a fool I am.

The judge wanted that contact to progress by the next hearing as it was in the best interest that the child had contact , which I agree.

He also warned parties that if there was no progression it will not sit well and will be dealt with accordingly.

I need to show some progression even though he did not promote it. Though there is welfare concerns , no tom dick harry gives a monkey. But it does state on the interim order that father does not agree to progression of contact due to concerns around safeguarding etc

I set out the contact arrangements to get some what in line with as u suggested , one mid week contact on the 1st week and 2nd week to fri sat sun.
But started with more to see if it impacted on him.

I will throw in the spanner to how its been some what destressing, tiring for him etc. And as contact is going so far the ex has screwed up. Late on all contacts etc. Its not practical as I'm finding out now.

Its the mid week contacts during school week is the problem when she does not return on time. Hence distribution over his evening routines.

6pm is too late. It needs to be 5pm finish. The issue with this is she does not drive and no direct bus route to her home from school so she will walk him bk to her residence 25minutes away. God know if it ever rains.

At present its one overnight .
Then on 3rd week will be 2 overnights ie fri till sun.

On hindsight I should have applied the below and then progress it at the next hearing.

Week 1, Wed 3-5pm
Week 2, Fri -Sat1pm

The problem is the order that was in place was somewhat confusing and screwed up where it was never agreed and totally the work of cafcass.

Week 1
Tue 3pm-6pm. Thur 3pm -sat 1pm

Week 2
tue night, fri night through sunday.4pm

It never got to that point though as I stopped contact due to some concerns.
It did though reach to a point where ex was having monday, wed tea time 3-5.30 and fri overnight till Sat 1pm each week.

Thank you for your input.
I don't know really - I guess you'll have to see how it goes. If the Judge said he wants to see contact progress then maybe you will have to keep careful notes of anything that is going wrong - eg her being late or if she misses any if you want reasons for it not to progress. The main thing is you have the residence sorted again now. Must be a worry.

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