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Studio flat and overnight stays.
Plug guards are actually more dangerous than not having them Smile
Didn't know that - thanks. I just used those mock plug in plug cover thingies - but that was 9 years ago.
It's weird, it seems to be safer but as you can pull them out and put them in upside down, which opens the gates, they are more dangerous than not having them. UK plugs are over engineered but that means they are also the safest in the world Smile
I was lucky then! Ours didn't get pulled out - in fact some were there for about 3 years and I couldn't get them out again lol. Is this the story that highlighted the issue?
Yeah thats it, they pull them then put them back in upside down which opens the gates - UK plugs really are the safest, we have switches and the gates and I don't think any other country does (of course most of them are 120v which is, well, safer if not safe)

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