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[UPDATED] Final financial settlement details for your viewing pleasure
(07-18-2018, 05:33 AM)Tamagoto Wrote: If you can believe it, this still hasn’t actually been finalised because the courts are backed up six months and I can’t get the mortgage without a sealed financial order!

The house is half done though Smile

Hi Tamo - All I did was get the deeds changed through the land registry, using a conveyancer, and applied for a mortgage in my sole name, did this amicably though and it went through no bother. Still waiting for the Consent Order to come through though....
And thats the problem! If they aren't amicable, I have to wait for the sealed order to come through before the conveyancing can happen. My solicitor has written to her to ask her to just sign off on it but no reply as of yet Sad
and as you say: There's the rub....

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