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My Story - Can Anyone Offer ANY Advice
Reading that there Steve and my heart sank for you.

Such a vile vindictive creature your child has for a mother.
It’s an awful situation you now find yourself in. It seems nowadays that when it comes to Family Court the tail is wagging the dog.

What I find to be the most worrying thing in your post is the statement from Social Services that “This seems an appropriate response, given the situation, but this is a private law matter and the courts will decide what future contact arrangements will be”. Yet, a fortnight ago Social Services arranged for you to have contact with your son at a Contact Centre. If you turn that statement on its head then it’s almost as if they’re saying that they made an inappropriate decision to arrange for this contact. Confused

Now their only advice is to get some legal advice – which is going to cost you. Presumably, when it goes back to court for your enforcement hearing then the court will want reports from Social Services. And so the show goes on.
Your story has some similarity with my own. I've come to the conclusion that I'm dealing with someone who has Narcissistic Personality disorder (some good videos on youtube explain this and how to combat it). Your comments 'She is very good at playing the vulnerable person card. She manages to get everyone to believe everything she says' are classic signs of this disorder. These people are vile human beings who are out for themselves with no empathy for anyone else, including their children. I wish you all the best in enforcing your contact with your boy!

You should continue to go 'No contact' wherever possible with you ex to ensure your own mental health doesn't suffer. You'll then be in a better place to support your son when you do get access.

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