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Helping out financially
(05-02-2018, 02:37 PM)Mr Sandman Wrote: The transition from married to divorced can be odd - considering their needs beyond basic fairness is not necessary. Moving on and cutting ties with the past is important for us though, so the option outlined by your solicitor seems sensible to me.

It just seems more sensible for me to spend the same money she is asking to simply paying to divorce her. Otherwise it's potentially burning extra money and wasting another two years.  

At least I'll feel like I am getting my moneys worth paying for a divorce. If she was more amicable and trust worthy I'd consider it but frankly she's blown all trust out of the water in trying it on with an verbal abuse angle. I think she has slowly come to regret trying that approach. 

She can't hide behind being unwilling/unable to work since she is highly skilled in other professions, and is actively looking to work now via this franchise. She is young enough to downsize and get a smaller mortgage on a smaller place. I just need shot of her out my life.
(05-02-2018, 02:51 PM)beehive84 Wrote: I just need shot of her out my life.

If that is your gut feeling, then do yourself a favour and don't go into a business venture with her.
Im still just flabbergasted how many women stupidly pull the abuse card. Had she not took this to the gutter this could have been resolved so much better.

Inside she must be kicking herself now but it just seems women thesedays are indoctrinated to not take criticism from a man.

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