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5 nights over 2 weeks

Anyone got any real examples of 5/9 splits that don’t involve Wednesdays or longer than 2 nights together? I am putting a proposal together and want some reality to my theory.

Thanks in advance.
Not sure that's possible as too many single nights would mean a lot of changeovers. Did come up with this but it means only one night back at the Mothers before 2 nights with you again which isn't ideal either:-)

Week 1: Monday from school to Wed return to school (2 nights)
Week 2: Monday from school to Tues return to school (1 night) and Friday from School to 6pm Sunday (2 nights).

You could do something similar by changing week two to Thurs through to 6pm Saturday instead of Friday through to 6pm Sunday - but then you wouldn't get a full week-end. I think if you want a full week-end, no Wednesdays and no more than 2 consecutive nights it would be easier to go with 4/10.
I’ve come up with this, what do you think:
Wk 1 - Thursday - Saturday 9am - 2 nights.
Wk 2 - Monday - Tuesday 9am & Sat 9am - Monday 9am - 3 nights
Does that seem reasonable?
Distance isn’t an issue (15 mins)
Sounds good!
I think the age of the children could play a possible factor in what u ask for especially the midweek arrangements and how its worded
I think having it 9am to 9am each day is a very good idea. It means you will be covered for a long time, whether they are too young to go to school or at school. The advantage of 9am to 9am on a school day is it's clear whose care children are in if they have to go home ill from school or be picked up early or something. The only slight issue I could see long term is Friday night tends to be the start of the week-end and it might feel strange starting the week-end on a saturday morning after they've finished for the week on a friday evening after school. Why does it have to be no more than 2 nights on the trot?
Hi Charlie

The no more than 48 hours on an average week was more me thinking of ex’s needs and given current age of child.


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