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Fact finding proof
Hi All,

Anybody got any experiences with a finding of fact hearing? I've had mine recently but I've not received the outcome as we ran out of time on the day. My understanding prior to the hearing was that allegations of DV would have to be backed up with evidence (police/medical records/photos/witnesses etc.). On the day, my ex was questioned on her statement (most of it without any form of proof) and my solicitor said that he thought the magistrates would find her believable on some of the allegations (she's gave an Oscar winning performance) and that magistrates  generally tended to believe the alleged victims in these types of circumstances (as they'd say they were too scared to report/get evidence at the time). This has really knocked me for 6 as the solicitor cross-examining me gave me a real hard time and I don't think I was as calm and composed as I could have been. I'm now worried about the outcome. Anybody been in a similar situation and have some advice?

I've just been found 'guilty' of every single allegation my ex made, including the allegations I have provided clear evidence are false based on 'her word' being evidence and the Judge said he believed her.
Thanks for the feedback Jono. Did they update your access arrangements when this happened or do you have another hearing?
(05-05-2018, 07:49 AM)SF79 Wrote: Thanks for the feedback Jono. Did they update your access arrangements when this happened or do you have another hearing?

There will be a Section 7 report now. The feedback I can basically give you is this.
The Judge is meant to make findings based on the balance of probability but from my experience the findings have been made on the balance of possibility.

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