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For your reading pleasure
Thought of sharing a long winded fight against my ex:

Was married to a money grabbing b**** for 12 years who used the system to get me out of the fmh by making an application for NMO and occupation order. I asked for a fact finding hearing but agreed to an undertaking if I pay £3k per month and few other usual ones i.e. no contact bullshit (glad I did that instead of a full fact finding which I felt will be biased based on her words against mine I sensed the Judge’s bias in the initial hearing. So NMO discharged and no occupation order.

Children’s matter: she made a hell of allegations again, jumped through all the hoops and in the end I got what I wanted.

I continued to pay the mortgage and her the money as much I could and when it came to final hearing for divorce proceedings the Judge saw through it and ordered immediate sale of the house split the equity.

So the end result is I am mortgage free, only CMS payments and kick her out forcing the sale!!!

Bittersweet to show her the middle finger in the end!!
Isnt it weird how the system is so heavily weighted against the men that what would normally be a fair and equitable outcome i.e. sell the house, split the equity, share the childrens care, is seen as a win?
Congrats buddy, thanks for sharing. Its nice to see someone get out alive.
Sadly nobody is a winner but the system is far worse where men could be treated as premiership footballers and shell out thousands of pounds in maintenance and a bigger share in the equity.

My ex who is milking the system by claiming benefits inspite of me paying the bills and mortgage up until the final hearing, was solely after the house so kicking her out is a massive ‘win’ I suppose!

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