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My Order
And on the basis of that last sentence Charlie it'd possible this Slip Rule doesn't apply in your your instance, but I'll still post chapter and verse on the wording of the Slip Rule in my current order between this evening and tomorrow.
Solicitor says it is most likely an admin error because if the Judge had decided to seal the original order instead of the "held to ransom after court" version she would have sent a note with her decisions. It still doesn't make sense to me though because the revised version was sent with two letters - one from each solicitor - to the Judge - so how can the versions have got muddled up when the final version was accompanied by letters? Still it's possible. Anyway - am worried that if there is now a request to amend it to the later version, I could wait another 3 months and then find errors due to bits being removed, lettering changing etc and paragraphs referring to letters then being incorrect. F...!
Hi all. I've barely had time to look at my Order in detail, but I know now that the Slip Rule refers to an error in the date of a previous Hearing, so really a minor correction. Apologies for the delay.

I've just found a more complete explanation here:
Thanks Chi. It does sound like the slip rule might apply. Solicitor phoned court who said yes it was an easy mistake. Solicitor sent a letter with correct version along with a letter from the other side (ie agreed by both sides) and told me court would do it the next day as a matter of urgency. That was about 10 days ago! Still not heard anything. But I think the incorrect order stands meanwhile. Apart from the bits that shouldn't be in it.

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