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UPDATE: I’m in she’s out - The real end of the tunnel - I’m getting my house back
In a week!

I’ve been out of my matrimonial home since 3RdApril 2017. Living with my poor mother for all that time. The house was the one my mum was born in and that I spent half my childhood in. After 13 months of fighting, arguing, an injunction against me - she’s moving out EARLY and I can move home!

I’m So excited and pleased to be getting my home back. I’m Moving what things I have remaining in the house out, redecorating, getting new furniture (I love mid century stuff and have been planning what to get for a year) and she’s only moving 3 streets so seeing the kids is still going to be easy Smile

There truly is a god Wink
Hey man great news! I've just moved out of my folks place and into my own place after nearly 2 years of divorce bullsh*t it's a great liberating feeling having your own space

Congrats dude!
Nice one! There's nothing like having your own place again. Sounds like you're in a good place right now.

(05-11-2018, 10:47 PM)Tamagoto Wrote: There truly is a god Wink

Didn't think the Buddha is considered a god, or did I read the wrong book. Wink
Small ‘g’ Smile

And no he’s Just a dude like you and me, half the appeal of the whole thing Smile
Visited the house for the first time in a year today. Most of her things are gone, house looked in a terrible state and I used to pride myself that it looked like a show home.

I’ve got to gut the bathroom, paint every wall in the house, sand and varnish the floor, replace the lino in kitchen and bathroom as well as have the garden cleaned as it’s not been touched in 12 months.

Really made me feel sad to see something we had built together looking so shitty.
So happy for you. A new beginning bro.. stay safe
Thanks man, appreciate it. It’s such a shitty time for so many of us it’s good to have a ray of hope and something quality happen.


Oh I need to change the locks of course Wink
Well done buddy, restoring your childhood home to its former glory would be incredible. Im jealous.
(05-14-2018, 05:38 PM)Tamagoto Wrote: Really made me feel sad to see something we had built together looking so shitty.

It's quite hard living in what was once a family home after a breakup. Everywhere there's reminders. I've been moving furniture, decorating and generally changing things to start new memories with my daughter. It is slowly working.
Congratulations Smile

You´ll get the house back to how you want it in no time I´m sure. Plus, some painting and decorating will keep you busy and entertained in those "what do I do now?" moments Wink

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