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venting and bit of advice please
New here,

so brief situation, Have a son who is 2 years old. and he lives ruffly 2 hours away. Was never together with sons mother. Thing got messy, I tried to be there but she got extremely abusive and I ended up missing out on the first year and half of his life. We ended up going to court and took a McKenzie friend with me. Gained access which is now every other weekend over night through court order.

Now the thing that really winds me up. Next weekend I have him is bank holiday weekend. So i ask politely if it is possibly to have him over night as it is your choice but i would be nice to spend a bit more time with him as its bank holiday weekend.

She says. Oh i forgot it was bank holiday next time you have him. No you can't just bring him back sunday as i will get my mother to do something with him.

Now this seems a bit unfair and I know there is nothing really i can do about the situation. 

Has anybody else been in the same situation? 
has anybody else had the same access and also push for more, like 50/50 holidays?

Sorry for any spelling mistakes.
This sounds just like my case . I have my daughter every other weekend as per the court order and live 1 and a half hours away . I've asked ex if I can have my daughter for one extra day and night over the whitsun holiday and she said shes not prepared to part with her for three nights ! Despite me not seeing her for 12 nights between visits . In my order it states that when my daughter begins nursery that extra time can be given during holidays. Speaking to solicitors tho , from the age of two I am sure to get half holidays if I went back to court which looks likely now , a real ball ache but I can see the ex will never give anything that she doesn't want to . If it had been more specific in the order and had said exactly what and how much of the holidays it would have saved all this hassle . But at least you should know they will more than likely give you what you ask for even if it starts off this year say as just a smaller portion and increasing next year and the year after until the full half is reached. The judges see this as quality time with the father and makes up for the mid weeks that are impossible . Hope this helps . As for asking for an extra day here and there over holidays we just have to keep asking and keeping a record of their responses so if and when it goes to court again then it can be shown how utterly unreasonable and spiteful they are and not thinking in the child's best interest .

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