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Almost 1 year after Court Order, plus other
Hi all,

Almost a year ago the courts finalized our agreement with regards to myself and my ex-wife. Ex submitted a request for an additional 9 months to arrange for a mortgage to buy me out of the property, but this was not approved by the court. I agreed to it though. 

Originally she left me to deal with her first application, even though I informed her that they would not deal with me directly. 9 months later plus a couple of additional months, she is still apparently trying to obtain a second mortgage application. She does not have a solicitor representing herself and informed me that if there are any issues with the paperwork I need to sort it out. I informed her that I am now out of patience with this matter.

On another note, since I have told my ex this. She has since then informed myself that my daughter will not be celebrating her birthday with me and some friends, even though we had agreed to this weeks in advance (Have drafted a letter regarding Parental Rights as a father in the UK).

What option do I have that will make my ex-wife sort out and honour the court order? As the Order was issued almost 1 year ago.

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