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Should I clear mortgage?
Hi, my ex is saying she is now going to take me to court to get an Occupation Order, she wants me to leave and her take over my mortgage payments.
Obviously I'm not moving out without a court order. We are not married, 1 x 3 to boy and she has a 11 girl.
The house is in my sole name but she has a beneficial interest
So if I clear the small mortgage on it instead of her paying the mortgage, would that be in my best interest in the future as when the house is actually sold in the future would I claim a bigger share?
Sorry to ramble on!
Forget about the mortgage for the time being.
You need to speak to your solicitor about the threats urgently. Assuming you're not physically violent or having huge rows, threatening to get an occupation order against you is abuse and she needs to be told that.
You need to be proactive on this.
Stay clear of her.
Avoid conflict.
Record all conversations.
Speak to a solicitor tomorrow.
It’s all relative. She will likely get a larger share regardless so if she is prepared to pay the mortgage alone then she will at least pay for some of the share she gets kinda.

If you pay it all off it could be tied up until the kids leave education and she efffectively pays nowt.

Use any money to have to get yourself a place which will grow in value if you buy.
i'm going through the early stages of separation ,, jointly own a home with ex not married with 2 children 6,11 and a young adult 18, solicitor informed me yesterday that its a 50/50 split on the house regardless of children ... with her credit piss poor she's highly unlikely to pay me off iv'e offered her a cash sum of 71k to go ...which equates to 55% ,,, ill be paying for kids weekly whatever it states on the .GOV website.. she seems to think she'll get a lot more... the solicitor was very adamant this is not the case anymore... anyone been in a similar boat?????

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