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I'm desperate, please help
I seperated with my wife due to her having an affair (which she coninued throughout our marriage guidance ) huge debts she accrued but worse, she is part of an extremist christian cult full of homophobie, hate towards muslims, harry potter, rock music, earth is 6 thousand years old etc etc.
Since november we had a firm and working agreement that i had my boy (4 years old) monday, wednesday and friday nights thru to saturday afternoon. W
We have an amazing bond, it is the most wonderful experience and we are as close as dad and son can get.
I took him back on saturday as normal and i havent seen or heard from him since. 

You all know my pain, it is agony, im a mess, the cult element and hate preaching is something i have to constantly redress.

His health worker and his nursery where no help. My lawyer stated to me " children should be with their mothers" regardless of the situation. I fired him instantly and now have another lawyer and great advice from The Scottish child law centre....

I dont know what to do... I am worried sick by these extremists.

Guys , please help im desperate, im totally lost as to what to do. They want me banging on the door so they can have me arrested.... not going to happen but that wee boy of mine is in peril from these lunatics . Its my wives father and mother who run this cult, she is totally indoctronated....

Help, please
Jehovas Witness?
You there mate? Hows it going?
Maybe one of those strange offshoots of the Lutheran Church movement?
The (used to be Plymouth) Brethren?

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