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Had quite a few of these by email recently, from the sublime, to the ridiculous but all particularly unpleasant telling me son has complained about this or that.  She takes information she knows about my home and says son has complained about it and it's not a fit place for a child (she had social services inspect it last year).  As we are now well past the court hearing I assume she is still trying to make up some kind of welfare issues as a reason to change things again.

The one today accuses me of causing injuries to son by being too rough playing football and that I failed to get medical treatment.  He apparently has an injured leg and an injured hand (didn't have any injuries this morning when I took him to school!).

Not sure what to do about this as there have been some pretty vicious emails recently.  Ignore?  Do something?
I'm getting the same Charlie and I'm ignoring the accusations! The latest one is that I'm suicidal. Ex is trying to get another hearing to stop contact. I've spoken to both the school and CAFCASS and I can tell she's coming across very desperate to all involved. In a way, I guess the more accusations she makes, the more desperate she looks. I've gone no contact (unless absolutely necessary) with her as this is the only way to deal with the narcissist she is.
I would ignore it all . it gets worse cant play football with your own son now. if he had injured leg and hand surely she should of sought medical treatment as well which she probably hasn't either.
Personally I feel you need to tackle the more serious ones, having been to court now I just think, would a judge pay attention to this? if not then I ignore it.
Its clear indication your ex partner now is looking for anything no matter how small to try and take you back to court. Its ridiculous, your ex should concentrate on co-parenting and achieving the best for your children together
It is ridiculous. She should get a life. She can't though because her sole mission in life is to have son living there full time so she can have a normal family - and I'm in the way of that. Spoke to solicitor who said ignore it unless she stops contact - kids get injured. (He wasn't injured though!)
Maybe you can check with the school to see if they noticed any supposed injury, they would have noticed and he may have well done something at school

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