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Child In need plan

As per my story recently (

Long story short, she was hitting my kids and was asked to leave the property, she accepted a caution for child cruelty, kids are with me.

Social workers conclude a section 47 and made a recommendation for child in need plan. Can someone shed some light on this?


So the good news is your children are no longer on the CP register. That there are no longer any serious risk/ concerns . The local Authorities would feel that the risk of harm is minimised due to them residing with you. However will provide continued involvement. This will normally be with support agencies, ie school ,health .
You willattend a few more child in need meetings to see how things are going and then the case will eventually close.

Nothing to worry about.
Keep up the good work.
What should I expect from the meeting? The kids are with me but social workers have invited her and said to me that its for both of us when dealing with the children. I corrected social workers saying that she will not need to deal with the children anymore as they are with me.
The child in need plan is to support parents and identify areas of need especially for the child.
It will only be for a short time. As the cannot simply withdraw suddenly after they were under a CP plan.
Use the support offered to your advantage.
Keep notes of everything and copies of all meeting.

Hope things are good for you and your children.

So we had the child in need meeting and a few interesting things
1- Part of the child in need plan was to provide her support and refer her to an agency as a domestic violence victim, I made it clear that her claim is false.
2- She claimed that now that she is out of the house, she is much better and feels that she is doing well
3- She said clearly in the meeting that now she wants to take the children and working on ways to "have the children back with her"

What do you guys think? I am concerned that they are ignoring me by believing her and providing her with domestic violence support, even though I reiterated that her claim was false.
Sounds to me like children will be seeing their mum as well as yourself on a regular basis further down the line. could be wrong
Good news from my solicitor thinks that it's positive for me. They say I am protective factor and state the fact that I am divorcing her for the abuse she did to our children.

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