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Child injury
Have my daughter with me today, and whilst she is asleep i've noticed a scratch on her leg about an inch long, I know fine well this will be from her mothers new puppy she has gotten. Though I am unsure if its worth mentioning to social services at all, as my ex partner could say it was anything. 

Is it worth the hassle of involving SS for this? I've a court hearing soon for overnight contact arrangements and dont want to negatively impact this in any way, relations with me and my ex are non-existent since she has receive a caution from the police for harassing me. And theres not much else she can do that she already hasnt.

I don't believe my daughter is in any imminent danger but I do not want my ex-partners puppy to be scratching or hurting my child in any sense
Are you asking because you think ex will blame you for the scratch? or because youre concerned about the puppy? I do hope its the first buddy because if you complain to SS about a puppy scratch they're going to section you.
you should of taken a photo of your childs leg and kept it and a date for your own records. I cant see anyone even an ex reporting a scratch but it would 100 % be dismissed for sure.

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