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Overnight contact schedule

I must say at least you guys are lucky. You get to see your kids. I am so damn unlucky I have not seen my son from last 6 months and mother painted me so bad with shit allegations that court did not give me access to the intermediate hearing. I am allowed to send a card once in a month. What a Shame. I am so good dad and everyone always praised me. I am not left without my son from January and next hearing is in September. I am in depression. I said to Judge I am happy to go for Domestic violence course as my wife wanted but she wanted me to accept all these allegations from 2007.

Please don't fight and find a solution.

So sorry. Yes you're right we're lucky. I have alienation to deal with which can be pretty gut wrenching sometimes seeing what is happening to him but at least I see him regularly. Keep sending that card once a month - one day you can tell him you did that. Someone on here had a great ideal. Set up a separate email address - send an email to it every few days as if writing to him, saying whatever you've been doing, what you want to say - in a few years that email account will have all those "letters" and one day when he's older you can give him the password and he can see all the things you wrote to him and wanted to say. Positive things though - rather than a diary as when you feel down it's not good for someone else to read (and they can feel guilty).

Hope you are getting some help with the depression. It will seem like a wait till September but you will get there. It can help to think ahead. And always have hope.

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