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Families Need Fathers
Anyone a member of this charity?
Ive always just thought of them as the guys who climb buildings dressed as Batman.
Looks like its £39 a year. Not a lot but Im really bad with forgetting about subscriptions.
I am the subscription is via paypal so it "remembers" it for you - I havent really used it and actually regret it as I have found far more information here
The opinions here are not that of Separated Dads, but merely a loving father who has been through the process and has come out the other side.
Cheers, dont think Ill bother then.
I think the ones that climbed buildings were Fathers for Justice :-) FNF seems a lot more low key these days. They pushed hard for legal joint residence when the Family Justice Review to change the law was going on about 2014. Since that failed I think they have had a much lower profile and there is some info on there but I also think it's more helpful on here (in terms of achieving things). Although have never been a member.

The Childrens Act was amended in 2014 as a result of the Family Justice Review, but they declined to change it to automatic joint residence. It was amended to say that a child had a right to significant and regular time with both parents. Which has helped I think in that there is a precedence that the child's rights are to have time with both parents.

If you do join and there is extra stuff we don't know about that helps, then post back on it! I guess it could be worth it to try for a year. Haven't myself.
I called their free advice line and they were very helpful. Wasn't keen on joining up though as I didn't know if they were like fathers for justice. Having met some dudes involved with that group concerned me so I steered clear. But families need fathers did seem to be more chill and reasonable
I am a member and I find the meeting the best, they are real people- not just people on forums- they will likely have a branch meeting and typically a McKenzie Friend is in attendance, so as long as you prep for it and plan what you are seeking to understand, it can be worth the £39 in one hit. Just my opinion, but it really helped me. And no, they are not the Batman suit wearing bridge climbers lol
I am a member also, tbh it is a good place, they are not anything like fathers for juctice. A lot of people confuse the 2. Although i will say there are people on there that do know their stuff and FNF as a whole do a lot to try and change things. I found my McKenzie friend on there and im glad i paid just for that tbh. But it is very quiet over there at times nothing is said for days, more sometimes. This place is far better to sort advice in the main, mainly because it is free. You can get pretty much the same advice off this place tbh. They do have area meetings though which are worth going along too if you can as they will help you and advise you on what to do as they have all been through it themselves. It depends where you are based though, some meetings are quite a distance to travel as they are not in all areas.

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