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Alienation Drama on TV
BBC Drama series highlighting parental alienation called The Split - think it's on episode 3 but am going to start from the beginning on iplayer.  Supposed to be very good at showing exactly what an alienator does and how her kids turn on her when they're older and find their absent Dad.  Karen Woodall mentioned it in her blog and seems enthusiastic that mainstream TV is educating people on what is going on.
Bet it’s getting a bad rap on Mumsnet....
so its not just about divorce?
It's just a little bit within last 10 minutes or so at the end of episode 3 - just looked. Didn't watch previous two episodes when they were on TV as saw snippets and it just seemed to be a drama about divorce and lawyers, but the back story of the lawyer is coming out (all the letters and presents her Father sent were found and the Mother was found out by the daughters at having hidden these things for years).
I started watching split from the start. It made quite angry as it reinforced the stereotype of cheating deadbeat Dad's.

So far the three main divorce stories in the film were all initiated by cheating husbands.

That was until the last 10 minutes of episode 3 where everything changed, a bit, at least for now. But remains to be seen how it unfolds. But I think that is it, just a small gesture / hint that the dad wasn't that bad after all.

I still think it has quite a feminist feel to it and I bet written by a woman (I haven't checked) which I dislike but everything seems so feminist to me now. I think I have become over sensitive to it.
I didn't like the first two episodes for similar reasons and wasn't that interested until the bit about the alienation at the end of episode three so it looks like it's becoming a more personal story about the lawyer herself now and her sisters and how they were lied to about their Father.

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