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First Hearing out the way
Had court yesterday and that couldn't have gone better...magistrates weren't interested in any of her accusations. And she very wisely kept her Comments about threats and alcohol to herself also. Ha ha. I've been granted huge amount of interim Contact..weekly daytime contact and over night contact every other weekend. In terms of the second hearing my solicitor is now asking for 5 grand to do the work between now and July...that's bloody insane...can I change how I use solicitor, so just use them to check on my statement...or court bundle...I don't need them to do 20 hours of bloody work.
5k? That's a fair amount to shell out. Now you have some good contact in the interim. I would doubt that would change much at the next hearing. I would keep funds tucked away until the final hearing/facts finding. However depending on the complexity of the case.

No need to spend so much in preparation for next hearing unless ur up against a murder charge.
Absolutely not, sack the solicitor off immediately. If you have overnight contact in the interim then there are no safeguarding or welfare concerns and nows its just about setting a schedule and orders.
We'll help you with statement and then you can just ask the solicitor to check it over. Most solicitors will offer an advice only service. Tell the solicitor you simply dont have the money.

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