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Hey, here it is, the first time ever on a forum but hoping someone out there might have a few words of advice. My ex left me in January while I was working away (which I do a lot, sometime up to 3 months). The complicated thing is we have a house together which we both still live in, it is up for sale but not having much luck selling. I have a 3 year old son who spends most of his time with mum.
The hard thing for me is that I feel like I cant let go, I still want her and I think she still wants me but wont admit it. I think this because on a few occasions she has suggested we go out on a date, this has not happened so far but you can see why I'm struggling.
Did she say why she was splitting up with you?

It sounds like there is potential there, at least for a good friendship. My advice would be to really start working hard on improving yourself, and showing how strong a person you can be, and showing your value.

Personally, I would go forward in life like you won't be getting back together. Once she sees you getting on and improving, she'll be more willing to give you that opportunity to try again.

In a nutshell, she split up with you because you became less important to retain in her life. And you probably won't get back with her unless she can see that you're strong, and worth trying again.

I'm going through something similar, and for me, I have told her how much she means to me, and said all that can be said. I'm moving on with life, and working hard on being the best I can be.

If she doesn't want to get back with me now, then there is something wrong with her, and not me. Sometimes people just fall out of love.

Whatever you do, you need to get on with it quick. If the house sells, I imagine it'll make it much harder to resolve. Especially if she gets a nice cash payout.

Best of luck, whatever happens.
If you are not 100% sure (and you suggest you are not and she maybe not) suggest a break of 6 months to get your feelings together.

Take time - a different perspective will give you a new view... give it a month and make sure you go on the 'date night'

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