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Any thoughts on this.Im baffled.
I keep this short.

I don't expect much competency from professionals given the bulls up they have created in the past.

Would it be fair to say that the non resident parent should have contact every weekend?

As this is something that was mentioned during the S7 visit, as the non resident parent does not see the child much and this may be recommended?

The child is currently seen every other weekend and a few tea time contacts on the 2nd week. The usual standard contact for a non resident parent plus a additional tea time time contact thrown in for good measure.

So the bottom line is that if you are a non resident dad would every weekend contact be promoted.?

We all know the answer to that. It will simply be a No.
I'm a little confused to why they would state this.

The other point mentioned is that the non resident parent arrives and returned late for all this acceptable?

As the resident parent has always highlighted to the non resident parent of this to ensure some stability.The non resident parent makes this an issue its being highlighted.

It appears that it is ok and that the resident parent should not focus on the lateness?

So should we just then ignore the directions of the court order around times of contact?.

As I know many dads on here are non resident parents and outcomes of child proceedings are usually that you become the every other weekend daddy.

So why is it so difficult to establish this pattern of contact when the non res parent is the mother.

I do hope that this mess created by the courts and professionals is gearing in the right directions this time round. A simple child arrangement order is all I ask. Yet it has been far from that. No one likes a dad being a resident parent.

If anyone is expecting a Sec visit. I think 30 minutes will take some beating. It may a very well been 20 mins.

Lets see how this pans out.
Ive gone through the mill ,having to appeal the, original micky mouse order, have a rule 16.4 appointed, as their appears that the case is somewhat high end??? Jokers. Did you not think it was so severe when you made the order first time round? So why the Mi5 -treatment now?

I am expecting that the judge will order I grow some boobies if I am to remain the resident parent.
Hi mate, my cafcass S7 report actually says that contact should be once a week, it doesnt mention every weekend but when i went to court for contact in the contact centre they said every saturday for 2 hours. This was supposed to move forward but i was stuck with it for 5 months. I had my final hearing today, although it is now not the final hearing but again the court order contact every saturday for 4 hrs this time.

Now my daughter is only 18 months old and mother is not playing ball at all, still wants no contact. I am off every weekend so whether that has come into it i dont know but i dont expect it to continue like this once things get sorted, im sure it will revert back to the normal every other weekend position which i have suggested in the contact progression anyway. The mother is already making noises about her having the chance to go on holiday etc.

As for lateness i think they just look at that as you both need to co-parent and as long as you let each other know etc then its not really a big issue. From my side, depending on the situation and being reasonable is it that big of an issue? But i do know from your side of things this could very well be. If she is taking the absolute mick by being an hour or so late or more id say that would be something to bring up. But hey i dont really know with that tbh.
Thanks for your input Charlie.
Ive have not known a situation to be such a mess.

If I wasn't so persistent with challenging the mistakes made by Cafcass and the magistrates at the previously final hearing I think I would have truly been screwed over.

The system of family courts cannot simply cope with a father being in a position of resident parent and a respondent when the proceedings start.

Possibly a no win situation on all fronts being a father.
We Will have to see if the family law is followed this time around

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