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Neighbourly dispute help
I have quite a bad dry rot/rising ramp issue in my home, i've had two surveyors over and both have said to speak too my neighbour (semi-detached) - spoke to the woman next door and she has admitted they had issues in their downstairs bathroom which lead to a large leak which they left for 2 years or so. I've explained that when the job is being carried out it will confirm if the problem originates from the damp seeping through the party wall between our bathrooms..

My concern is, so far the cheapest quote is just shy of £2000 for the works, I have my doubts they will foot this bill, if they decide not to pay for the damages in my property, is my next action to start the process for the small claims court? e.g - letters of intended action etc.

I know a judge/magistrate are always different, but i would hope with survey reports and photos showing the damage coming from their side, that i'd get the compensation for all the works done.
Hi mate, i would speak to your insurance company first, i have free legal advice on my house and contents insurance.
My home insurance are pretty trash, not only do they not cover any form of rot/damp/mould - but also no legal advice !
Oh ok, thats not good. Then your only option is to pursue them in small claims court if they refuse to pay which will cost you money. And they court just end up telling the court that they can only pay £5 a week.
It is likely that some work may well need to be done their side too to stop recurring issues.

As the leak came from their house would it be possible for you or them to claim of their insurance? If this doesn’t work the only other way might be the small claims process.
Home insurance generally doesn't cover damp, rot, mould, infestation and vermin.

They repaired their side a few months ago, from what they say not realising it affected me. Hopefully they will pay up as I'm not looking forward to going back to court again !

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