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1st hearing
I've the first hearing tomorrow, nervous as hell and not sure if I'm anywhere near prepared.

What am I to expect? Any advice?

Thank you!
Not a lot happens at 1st hearing normally especially if your ex doesn't want you to have contact. normally hearing is pretty short and u have to come back for a directions hearing 6 weeks approx. later. how old are your children? are you seeing them at moment. it will also depend on what access you had before court. everyone gets nervous , u will get to speak to say why u are there , be calm and completely child focused, ie how much they need their dad as well as mum, they need routine /stability and able to have a loving relationship with both parents.

Yes, contact weekly, little one is two and a half.

Certainly want overnights and more access though. Little personality is really starting to show now more than ever, so more time is essential
If you are already having contact weekly that should be hopefully put in an interim order to continue until next hearinf. overnights u will have to wait for as ex probably wont agree at 1st hearing. overnights would get introduced at final hearing after all issues have been dealt with and there are no safeguarding concerns
Nice one. Thought that may be the case, but reassuring. Thank you

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