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I think it important to make aware that I have again received a non accurate and biased report.

It is fair to state that what was stated on the report does not represent what was stated during the visit.

Pls bare in mind this was a second Sec7 to be completed and ordered by the judge and must be undertaken by a more senior officer. Given the last sec7 was poor.

The visit lasted less than 20minutes , 4minutes observing interaction between me and my son and 10minutes chatting to me. The rest chatting non relevant stuff about travel n house extension.

I had recorded the conversation, at its something of a must given the way things have been in my case.

Please be mindful of CAFCASS when they visit.
They have a habit of twisting the truth and information you provide.

I do not like undermining professionals as I am one too in this line of work but this is so unprofessional.

The headache now is to respond to them to correct and make them aware of what was actually reported by me word by word not some made up of assumptions or comments that have been distorted.
So its time and more stress to get the convo transcribed.

The other points that raised my concerns.
My child was spoken to in the mothers places of residency to gather his wishes n feelings. He is 4.
And it is apparent from this that the statements he allegedly made in the session is something a child of his age would Never state without some level leading questions. Mother was present as it was a one bed open plan flat.

Children who are seen alone must be seen not in the environment where the other parent lives . This should have happened at his school.

I will follow this up on here as I'm in court in a weeks time.

As a resident father , this should not be a case to try and reverse the his role. Its simply disgusting.
Until all this happened to me I thought that reports of bias in the system and institutional support of mothers whatever the evidence was a load of crap. I’m incredibly saddened to realise it is not.

There is an epidemic of fatherlessness and the ones who suffer the most are our children.

I hope you get this sorted man good luck.
Bloody hippy 1970s feminist twaddle (apologies to nice hippies and feminists out there).
Smile Smile

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