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Hi everyone,

I just came across this forum and wanted to say HELLO (such a great idea as most sites like this are usually women focussed)

My story is possibly many years further down the tracks than what a lot of you poor sods will be experiencing at the moment - and I wont lie, its not an easy ride chaps :-(

I was married to my ex for many years and was blessed with 2 brilliant kids to a woman who decided that a bit on the side was OK when the youngest was too you for me to contemplate leaving - but i never forgave her so just focussed on getting my head down, being a good dad and providing for the family

From that point onwards I never actively sought anyone else, but at the same time I didn't consider myself married any longer due to her deceit (the circumstances of what and where she did what she did are way too bad for a public forum !!)

Roll forward a few years and I met the woman of my dreams, had a short affair and left the wife, underwent bitter divorce, she walked away with houses (yes plural), stacks of cash etc etc (usual story) but I still managed very regular contact with the kids.

I got re-married a few years ago and am now very happy - despite the strains of the divorce/kid issues/financial worries spilling into my new relationship

Anyone that claims Parental Alienation doesn't exist is talking out of their a*se, I have experienced first hand twice and sadly both kids have decided its all my fault and no longer see me which is odd they enjoyed the time with me and the new wife (to the extent they used to be upset going back to mums)

Anyway, thats enough about me - hope i can make a positive contribution to the forum as I have been through the whole divorce/financial worries/kids issues/mental ex/re-marriage stuff so maybe have something worthwhile to say

all the best

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