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Seeking advice..
Hi peeps..

Looking for a little advice..I had my two girls over the weekend and the eldest came up to me stating "mummy keeps pinching me when ive been naughty". she then goes on to show me a huge bruise on her upper arm.! I've already mentioned hair pulling and kicking to cafcass but was basically ignored in my first section 7 report.. Im getting a little worried my ex is taking her frustrations out on them... what should I do.?
It seems that the softly softly approach never does anyone here any good so I’d take the nuclear option. Take photos and details and report it to both the police and social services as soon as possible. Don’t bugger about it’s just not worth it.

Leaving marks is illegal (as should any physical punishment be). Get it sorted right now and explain to your kids that they should tell a teacher the next time it happens. On that note also tell the school to look out for signs of physical abuse.

Don’t put up with it. Don’t be quiet.
Thanks... I've just made a referal to the child protection agency. Their now going to investigate so fingers crossed

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