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Advice needed after mediation broke down
Many thanks again Charlie. I'm working out now when I can see baby as like I said I have 4 days off and it moves forward a day each week. And as I have my eldest on my days off it needs to fit in around me taking her and picking her up from school. I would like to suggest 2 afternoons a week so I can take baby to pick up my eldest, have a play in the park together and start making a bond again. Weekends are the tricky bit as I'm not always off at weekends because of my shift pattern and the same goes for the ex as we work at the same place
Just an update on my situation. I now have my first court date and have had a welcome letter from CAFCASS explaining a bit. Can anyone advise what CAFCASS will ask in the phone call, as the letter says it takes around 40-50 minutes. Will they be asking what happened in the relationship? Any particular things that happened or if I have concerns ect? Also it was my babies 1st birthday last month and ive not been allowed to see her since March unless I take the ex to court ( her words in Email). I then out of nowhere got a text inviting me (but not babies sister) to her birthday party. I sent cards and gifts but with the court papers waiting to be served at the time I did not reply to the text as I am sure she only sent the invite to make herself look good and made the effort knowing I wouldnt be in the same room as her and her family. Would this be used against me? Thanks in advance for any advice.

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