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Why the Right Judge Matters
Great article - and it does make a difference.
Hazy/Charlie7000, I always feel that as a woman on this site I’m regarded as a member of the Fifth Column, but you’ll see from my earlier posts how I arrived here because of the injustices that my son suffered when his relationship was ended by his partner and he was then kept away from his son by means of an ex-parte Non-Molestation Order issued by Lay Justices in the Family Court.

I’ve read the article and also the appeal judges summing up in the link in the article, and it’s just absolutely chilling how these things are happening and there seems that there’s nothing that can be done. Thank you for the post. It made me realize that I’m not just some disgruntled mom and grandmother, but there may be real problems in the system.
Where there is injustice you will find people who care. No need for you to feel like you are regarded as a member of any 5th column as I don’t think that you are at all.

If you are on twitter look up @peacenotpas and you will see there’s a movement building against parental alienation

There a group from NAAP as well as mums and grannies walking/climbing the Brecon Beacons soon to highlight parental alienation and a Welsh MP is thinking of joining them.

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