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Variation to Financial Order - Court Today
Well actually the court hearing was yesterday but I'm sat typing this at 02:41 because I cannot sleep.

Following redundancy I applied for a downward variation in spousal maintenance. After 9 months of court contact I got to the final hearing. I thought the case was simple. I have no job, a large mortgage (used to buy ex out of family home) and limited savings which include statutory and enhanced redundancy payments. My ex has a job, no mortgage and a similar level of saving to me. She is adding to those saving every month. I was asking for a reduction in my monthly payments until I find a job.

The long and short of the decision was to dismiss my application to vary on the basis that I have funds to continue paying at current level, therefore I must continue paying until I have nothing left. The current level is actually almost twice the amount my ex says she needs on her E" form! 

I recon that unless I get employment quickly I will run out of money in approximately 9 months time and will not be able to meet my mortgage payments. There is a real risk my house could be repossessed and the judge is happy for all of the risk to be on my shoulders. This cannot be just or fair by anyone's standards - can it?

Since my ex had an affair, walked out and took our son almost 5 years ago, I feel I am living in an altered reality where nothing has gone my way and the law seems devoid of common sense and fairness.

Does anyone know if I can get this hearing published? It may be useful to others who face the same situation in the future.

Thanks for any comments.
Madness! Spousal maintenance should never drive one into destitution especially when the ex’s work and have savings.

I’m not sure how to get it published but others may know.

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