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final hearing
Good afternoon all,

Success  Big Grin

after contact been stopped 7 months ago and ex wanting to reduce/suspend contact  and variate order  .
Went back to court for final hearing, all way up to court she was awkward, not encouraging contact and running me down and alienating children. Another s7 report was ordered by other side which was fine. I got an excellent cafcass report and good school reports. I am not a tit for tat person and would of been nice to see ex in witness stand to be put to shame plus she breached. However after one last attempt night before with a ridiculous position statement  we went to court this morning  and all other side wanted to do is arrange contact and come to an agreement.
No concerns or anything was mentioned in court other than contact agreed. I didn't get everything I wanted but didn't want judges/caffcass turning against me when they know how awkward she is.

I now have every other weekend fri(school)-sun. next school term fri(school) - Monday(school)

Tuesday 3-7 every week

2 x 1 week blocks in summer holidays including usual contact  , half of all holidays, Christmas day 3pm - boxing day

after arranging all this I didn't see any point of her going in witness stand as she had already decided she lost and given in, this very same person offered me 1 hour supervised contact at last hearing and a phone call and a present to be handed to a 3rd party at previous hearing. cafcass and now courts know what she is like and so do school. 

I decided not to follow up her breach as it would make things even more hostile and look at the positives and accept reluctantly that she had no choice but to give me access to our children again and pointless her been cross examined when she has agreed to lots of access. what more would I actually get? also possibility of been seen as a bully and whatever else which I am not. I cant see her been nice , on way out of court already asking if I got all clothes for overnight and am I paying for their clubs. 1st overnight in 7 months haha
Well done mate. Really pleased for you!!

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