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Child Welfare Hearing
Hey all,

Have my first child welfare hearing this coming Thursday ( Scottish case ) and have to say I’m rather nervous and a bit anxious.

After many months of lawyers letters we are finally at the stage where I will be able to show the truth and how my ex has reduced my contact from 3 nights per week to 1 night per week for no real reason, she will come at me with ‘it’s in his best interests that he has a routine and has most of the time at home in his own bed’

Without all the petty tit for tat, the real facts surrounding my case are that my ex has had problems with alcohol. There was an incident last year where my ex had my son in her care and was under the influence, I contacted the police and after they seeking out of hours emergency social work he was taken from her and put into my care. He went back the following day, however the social workers did interview both families and made the decision that my son was not in any danger and that she had made a mistake, however I knew this was not the case and there have been other instances that’s i cannot prove, she drank when she was pregnant for example. Her family are quite erratic and aggressive people and went on the defensive saying that I smoke cannabis ( which I don’t ) and that my son had a bite mark on him one time I returned him to my ex ( also nonsense )

Fast forward to recently my lawyer asked me to request a copy of that social work report from local authority which I have now got. It states everything that happened that night and how they think her accusations to me were her on the defensive and if she ever has concerns that she should have contacted the police. My best friend does smoke cannabis occasionally and if he smokes it at my premises it’s always outside my flat and never inside ( albeit he doesn’t do this anymore as not worth the risk )

Last weekend there was an incident where my ex asked for my father to drop my son off at an unknown address ( my father always drops my son off as it’s on husband route home and my ex has never had a problem with him, she probably messaged him more than me to make arrangements ). My dad went into the house that she messaged when an unknown male to us accompanied with a dog let my dad in, there was a woman unconscious on the couch either hungover or still drunk, my ex had to be called downstairs 3 times before She appeared still in pyjamas, my dad said he would take my son back to me to help her out but Shen replied She ‘just wanted an hour to sort herself out abd wasn’t anywhere near as bad as the girl on the couch’ my dad of course didn’t know what to do so my ex insisted he return my son to her which he did. When he phoned me I contacted social services again who said they couldn’t do anything and to call police. When I went to do that she text to say she was home now abd She only gets 1 night off a week. Having spoken to social services since they won’t be able to do anything as it turns out it wasn’t a friends house and my ex is denying anything that my father said of course. My ex has now said that my father quizzes her each time he drops my son ( my father wouldn’t say boo to a ghost so I know this is a lie ) so from now I will always go with him to pick up and Drop off.

I have my proof that I had 3 nights a week before which was a Tuesday Wednesday and night at the Weekend however I’m now asking fornicate Friday Saturday Sunday back Monday as my ex doesn’t work a Monday or Friday, this way she can party all she wants at weekends and my son gets the care and attention he deserves.

My worry is that although I know She doesn’t have anything to come at me with, i know she will make up lies as it’s in her nature to, the Mark on his arm, the cannabis being smoked around him that will come up, again I know it’s lies but have any of you been accused of similar and if so what happens, I’m sure they hear these false accusations all the time but I’m sure they wouldn’t just let it go ?

She has recently taken him on holiday for a week and after 3 attempts to find out where she was taking him she ignored me each time, she was even asked face to face and got ignored. However in my most recent letter to her lawyer I asked for a week in August to take him away and she said no as our son has never been away from her for so long.

My new partner is also pregnant, she has never met my son but will be now as she is moving in with me as we are expecting in October, we have Held off long enough due to th upcoming case but I have a responsibility to her also. I have said in my lawyers letter it will Be done gradually I.e meet her in a park with my son and build it from there. My ex found out through a 3rd party that works with both me and my new partner, but she is trying to say she has asked me before if I was having another baby and I denied it which is a lie, all she said in a text message was ‘congrats by the way’ I replied but ignored that part as frankly it’s none of her business at the moment. Would me having another child be seen as a positive or a negative in my case ?

I apologise for the extremely long message just very anxious of what’s to come. Thanks for reading

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