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Legal aid
Hi my nephews ex put in a claim for legal aid at his last court appearance with her solicitor claiming ( false) domestic violence and harassment by my nephew. Today my nephew has just had an email of the police saying they're not taking anything any further and he's in the clear. Does this mean his ex will now have to pay all her own legal expenses and will she have to pay back for all the lawyers / barristers / legal services she has used so far? Thanks in advance....
Similar has happened to me, my ex claimed legal aid for a false rape accusation for a year, was found to be lying at a fact finding and due to this she no longer receives legal aid, but does not have to back-pay anything.

Each legal firm has a legal aid rep who arranges legal aid for clients, it ends up being the firm who is out of pocket because it is their fault for supplying legal aid unjustly.
Ahhh ok thanks very much for the reply...
Is there a certain amount u get if ex partner claims domestic violence. i sent some texts 4 years ago non threatening and no swear words was classed as harrasement whilst she deliberately stopped me seeing children and she uses that to obtain legal aid. in last 3 and a half years false allegations and uses it to abuse legal aid which will include adjourning court cases , been awkward, lying , pointless emails back and forwards as she gets it all free. i have to pay legal fees when she stopped me seeing them for no reason as well
Hi Warwickshire I don't think legal aid is a bottomless pit I think there is only so much a person can claim but don't know how much it is. The whole system stinks....

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