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Financial Order in place - Ex demanding more money for kids
Hey everyone! Smile Hoping someone on here has been through the same situation as detailed below ...

I have had an FO in place since Jan 2017 It stipulates a clean break clause, no spousal maintenance and has a section on Child Periodic Payments detailing amounts to be paid and dates when they are to finish and a statement in the paragraph that says variations can only be made by a 'further order'. These figures were calculated at the time using the CSA calculator and based upon my income at the time. I have 100% adhered to the payment amounts as per the FO for my kids without fault. In fact - I have overpaid my ex occasionally and support my kids individually with pocket money ETC.  Now, 18mnths later, one of my kids is about to turn 18 and the FO states payments are to be made for them until September 2018 after that they stop. 

Recently my EX has contacted me and has stated that the payments for my other child must be as per the current CSA guidelines and not as documented in the FO (a significant monthly increase).

Can she go back to the CSA and ask them to enforce a review despite the FO being in place? If she can - what is the point of having the 'Child Periodic Payments' signed, amounts agreed and rubber-stamped by the court in the first place?

What rights do I have here?

Thanks in advance.
After 12 months either party can go to the CMS (not CSA anymore) and thus overrule the order.

If your 18 year old remains in approved education you might have to pay for them as well up to their 20th Birthday.
As Hazy has said after 12 months, the CMS takes over
Their jurisdiction applies until each child becomes ineligible for child benefit (usually the Sept after they turn 18)
However depending on circumstances your ex could subsequently apply for a variation in the FO to get maintenance while your kids are at university. I've no idea how successful she would be.

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