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Help Required - Covering letter?
I need to write a covering letter to accompany my c79 (enforcement) paperwork when i submit.

Can anyone help me write one. My ex has stopped all contact despite court order in place, 2 visits I've travelled (260mile round trip) for contact and my ex has refused to turn up, only texting saying "you are not having any more contact unless you take it to court"... i dont know what game shes playing but my fathers day weekend with my daughter didnt happen, im out of pocket for the fuel for the travel down, and will be heavily out of pocket for the court order enforcement. all this , i suspect, has come around as my daughter has asked to live with me, my wife and other 2 children (daugter is 11 end of year) and since then she has stopped all contact.

I'm used to dealing with contract breaches and supplier disputes, so my writing style is a little more, should i say, to the point....

I appreciate any help in this matter.

Many Thanks

ArchN3m3sis   Sad

i might add this has been to court 3 times for her breaking orders, each time a new order has been made, and she eventually breaks it.... last time she broke it because i was ill and required surgery so I advised her my contact would be reduced during recovery as 1. im recovering and travelling is kept to a minimum, and 2. im on stat sick pay so i cant afford to do anything , barely bills.... she stopped all contact and applied to the court to have PR removed, and for the court top stop all access... thankfully the court saw through her BS and gave me MORE contact than i had before, wished me a speedy recovery, and told her they do not want to see her again for any similar reasons.....

This is creating quite a strain on my family, my other 2 children count down to seeing their half sister, my wife is struggling with the stress of it all (shes a delicate one) and its obviously difficult on me, so we all struggle....
I think for a covering letter you just address it to the court (google/ring them for their address) and say please find enclosed, application for enforcement of child arrangements order. Please forward any documentation to me at the above address. yours sincerely

The above address being yours of course. I think what is on the form is more important. I haven't done an enforcement myself so not sure what is on the form but I assume there is space to explain why you are applying and what you want the court to do. Also check in the notes to the form whether you can submit evidence with the application (the text message she sent should be printed out to show she has unreasonably witheld contact without good reason). If you have any other emails or text messages they could be used as evidence as well. Give details of the stopped contact as well. eg - I travelled x miles to collect daughter on x date but contact was witheld. I received a text message just before the week-end of father's day telling me contact was stopped completely.
Only message ive had is "to clarify there will be no physical contact unless you take it back to court"

so just include that and there has been no communication since then... im supposed to have 3 weeks in the summer starting end of july, guessing thats out the window.... last time she did this i ended up in a contact centre to "rebuild the relationship" yeah.... the relationship I didnt breakdown, she did.... the court system is frustrating at its best, and completely biased at its worst?!!?

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