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She thinks she can take the children

Long story short, she hit the 2 children, I have video evidence, she admitted and accepted caution for child cruelty. She is outside of the home and collected her things. Social worker section 47 was completed, she threw everything at me including the kitchen sink, outrageous lies saying that I hit her and hit the children and that I raped her, all not true. In the report it clearly says "mothers claims have NOT been substantiated".

Children have been put on "child in need" as family needs support and nothing in the report says that she should not see the children but pointed that I am protective factor. Social worker asked me to allow supervised contact, I did one recently via a third party while I make arrangements for a contact centre for 1 hour every 6 weeks. She is becoming very unreasonable and difficult to deal with. We agreed from the start about phone calls (via speaker) to speak to the children three times a week and sometimes when she starts to talk to me directly, I just hang up. 

Anyways, during the contact with the third party, she said that she is in the process of getting a one bedroom flat. She said as soon as she has this, she will take the children away from me. THAT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. The question is, realistically how does this work? my solicitor said NOT to go for custody as I have the children and leave it to her to fight me for custody. Divorce papers have been sent.

Realistically, what are her chances of getting custody?
What are her chances of her getting the children say a few days a week or taking them out unsupervised?

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