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Help needed - Ex stopped all contact between my son and me.
I believe we just have residence orders up here I have never personally heard of a c100 form. I have done a bit of research on google.

Can you please explain what the actions of the c100 form entail?

Just so I know what our equivilant will be

Thank you
Just a thought to try and get contact back up and running. Maybe you should get your mum to text your ex partner to say . I have had a word with my son about asking questions and he has taken what i said on board. When will you be dropping our grandchild off please?

This is just an idea so contact resumes. What you need to do is get a notepad and write all concerns and date them and also write what u are doing with your son when you have him so you can refer back to it later?

I guess you are going to have to be careful asking questions now , but hopefully you will get told things naturally by your son you can note. I am sure if nursery saw the state of your sons clothes , with shoes too small they wouldnt be impressed and only be a matter of time for they notice things and phone social services up themselves. I dont think it will be too long if you sit back and dont react as much as you want to for your ex partner and new partner to get into bother .

I am only writing this as whilst you rightly are getting frustrated and want to no doubt sort her fella out. All it will result in is the possibility of not seeing your son for 6 months + by her stopping contact completely. I once didnt see my sons for a whole year due to time to get to court and attending loads of hearings and once you go to court most people end up returning. i have had 2-3 more periods of contact stopped for 3-4 months as well
Hi Danny

As much as I hate the position that you find yourself in, I’m not actually sure why your solicitor has not already started legal proceedings.

Up in Scotland we don’t have a C100 form which would be so much easier than having to submit initial write to courts for us to then serve them on our ex’s.

You have mentioned that you have a solicitor, not sure if this is something you can afford through full process as it can be expensive, I’m having to go down the self represent route as unable to afford solicitors fees. If I was in your position then I would be reporting the incidents to social work and demanding my solicitor gets it straight to court.

Over the last couple of years, I have made the mistake of jumping through hoops and letting her away with so much just so that kids did not have to go through court process but now left with no option as she has stopped all contact since September. Just wish I had just went for it right from the start.

Issue I have is she knows even with a court order, she can turn round and refuse to give me kids and best I can do is go back through courts and realistically she will get slap on the wrists.
Hi warwickshire1,

My mum has already attempted to make contact and she has not had any sort of reply at all.

I have no clue where my son is, how he is doing, whether or not she is even safe.

I have an appointment with my lawyer on monday so I am going to liase with them and take the appropriate action. Things are ready to go straight into court and hopefully with the backing of social services etc this will speed things up for me.

I have spoken to the nursery who said they did notice anything to do with shoes and clothes, although I have asked my son if he had worn certain things to nursery and he has told me yes, his childminder has also noted the problem with clothing and shoes and she is the one who drops him off at nursery.

Yes its true I want to sort him out lol but I will not do it I am not stupid and will not put anything into jeopardy (although I can't be held liable for anyone elses actions?)
You should make all these allegations known to as many people as possible. Certainly contact Social Services with a full list and when they don't take any action straight away KEEP WRITING TO THEM, you only get action if you make a fuss. Also detail all od these issues with Nursery, in writing, make it official so that they are on the look out for things. Social Services will speak to nursery so if everyone involved is looking out for these problems you will stand a better chance of getting something done.

Keep calm, keep steady and keep writing to people to get something done about this. It will be ok. Your son obviously loves you so thats a great thing to hear.
Hi bluebear, sorry for delay in getting back to you did not even notice you had posted so apologies for that mate!

I seen my lawyer today and am feeling very positive we are going fully into court and I will have a court date in the next two weeks!

I also bumped into my ex's new partner today whilst I was parking up at my solicitors (this is a guy who is supposed to be working full time) but I caught him bonnie going into the job centre ha ha ha!!! I will not lie I did approach him however he was not stupid and he came out from the entrance and headed right into a busy area covered with cctv, so of course I done the right thing and walked away (not before I got a few words in but as far as im concerned I did not shout anything so whatever he will I said is unfortunately for him just hearsay ?)

So in hindsight I have came over the first hurdle (have been told by my lawyer that my case is so strong I will be granted what I am after in court at the first hearing)

So I only have a couple of more weeks till my wee man is back with me!

I wish you all the best in your legal proceedings, it will be tough representing yourself, go into court and know exactly what you want, why you want it, and why it is in the best interests of your child. No man should have to go through the things that we go through. And no woman deserves the title of a mother when taking away the dad from the childs life. Honestly I wish you all the best mate you will get there in the end. Keep the head up and keep yourself right at all times. It is not as hard as it seems, I feel great knowing that I rose above this guy today, I feel greater that my lawyer agrees on the fact he is no good for my boy. A few years back id have probably knocked him clean out. But I think my presence was enough for him to have his tail between his legs. And I thoroughly enjoyed my short walk to my lawyers office knowing I had came out on top, this guy and my ex want a reaction from me, they know im flying high and they need to shoot me down. I will not jeopardize my relationship with my son for anything. He is coming back where he belongs, where he is safe, where he will be clean and most of all where he will be happy.

So in other words to break it down on my next move, I am going into court to get the residence order that she holds overturned, the residence will then be with me, then I will offer her a contact order split down the middle. I feel that is the best course of action, and with my lawyers hard work I will have this in a matter of weeks.

Once again I wish you all the best mate, if you need any help with anything at all do not hesitate to contact me.

Its good you are being very positive. Court cases especially trying to get residence take months and it is very difficult normally to get sole residence from a mum.
Some solicitors are really good , but some can run you up huge bills .
Some moderators on here will give you great advice.
I would be trying to restore some access , but if she is behaving like you say eventually you could end up going down that route if school/nursery and social services are concerned .
1st court hearing you should hopefully get an interim contact order where they restore contact until next court hearing. there will be a fair few at least 3 if no agreement can be reached
I keep linking this at the moment after finding the other day :-) About self repping in Scotland. Sounds like you have a good solicitor and case but just in case it helps

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