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How in the...?
Hi guys

Update on my contact situation, so final order stipulated weekly contact supervised in a center until the 7th of June when a review was held (or supposed to be) the review was to determine if the contact should be unsupervised or remain supervised until the next review.

Had my meeting and the centres position hasn't changed, that being they agree with me that contact is going brilliantly and should be unsupervised.

Cut to the ex who cancelled her meeting until the end of the week thus ensuring that there were no spaces available for my weekly contact.

The centre are bewildered by her as she seems to think that it's still going badly and wants it to remained supervised.

Kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place because she won't agree to anything changing, her argument is as solid as someone just saying "because reasons"

I'm feeling like I'm going back to kicking water uphill again, because she's being so obtuse.

Come July I can't see it progressing any further and the final order states after July that we should agree between us how it progresses.

Would this mean a new c100, because it's not varying a final order?

The order doesn't sound helpful. Is that part of an interim order and do you have a final hearing still to come?

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