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Do I need Cafcass again?!
So directions hearing on Friday, First hearing/dispute resolution hearing in August.  Court papers say Cafcass will do safeguarding letter before August hearing.  Now I just had all this in November last year - with Cafcass.  Do they really do it all again when you've only just had it and they found no welfare issues?  Or would they say - not necessary? Ex will want them to talk to son because she will tell him what to say and he will do what she tells him so want to try and avoid him having to go through that.
Safeguarding doesn't involve talking to kids as far as I know. That's either Section 7 or wishes and feelings reports.
Caffcass should say they want no further involvement after First hearing/ dispute resolution hearing. Its your application and courts should be to just address the issue of your ex trying to move away to be malicious
Thanks. Because it's an application for child arrangements as well I assume it's standard, but would they really want to go through it again when it's been done recently? Ex will almost certainly make some awful allegation if feeling under threat (already had loads of them by email)
isn't it right that if they have made allegations in one CAO they cannot repeat them again in another?
The opinions here are not that of Separated Dads, but merely a loving father who has been through the process and has come out the other side.
She would probably come up with new ones - there've been loads since the last hearing from causing injury to bring a child into insanitary conditions etc. Accusations without foundation. Also that might mean I also couldn't refer back to my evidence of coaching in the previous application! Which a) got overlooked and b) I guess ignored now there is a consent order.

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