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Why marriage certificate to her solicitor?
Wife says she has given our marriage certificate to her solicitor. Why would she do that?
I don't know - but it would be necessary for a solicitor to have that if she was filing for a divorce. Have you asked her why?
I noticed it was missing 6 weeks ago when she moved out.

I asked wife to return it. Last week wife had claimed that it was either in our garage or where she was now living. Today she says her solicitor has it and says she doesn't know why her solicitor had wanted it.
It sounds like she is not wanting to tell you because it's a silly answer. She has moved out and is most likely filing for divorce. What is the situation with contact with your children? Are they still there with you or did she take them with her?
They need it for a divorce petition. It's not a huge deal - you can always get copy certificates from the registrar's office.

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