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Sharing my income with ex whilst in same house
Hi, My wife and I are pretty much sperated (well she says she wants to leave me but will not commit 100% as yet, I think she's stalling to find out what she can get). she is a stay at home mum and i am the sole bread winner. I give her £1100 per month for food shopping and for her to have independance with her our money. I have about £1,300 left after all bills which i use for my fuel, clothes, treating the family to meals out etc.. plus I also buy some groceries during th emonth. My wife has now said that I need to give her more than £1100 as I have more spending money than she does and my earnings belong to both of us. Just wondering if anyone knows if that is correct or by me giving her a very large amount already (it deosn't cost £1100 for food) that I am being fair and I am allowed to have more spedning money than she gets as I am the one earning it. Thanks
In your position I wouldn't give her any more, I would suspect she will use it to say you have a large spare capacity for spousal maintenance or for a greater proportion of your joint marital assets when she goes for divorce.

I've just got my decree absolute, prior to FDR gave my ex-wife (who didn't work) 13 grand over 10 months and she tried to claim I was financially abusing her-- the judge just ignored it given it clearly wasn't the case. There was even a priceless (and untrue) bit in her barrister's statement saying that I sat munching Waitrose and M&S sandwiches for my lunch while she was scraping and scrabbling around trying to buy enough to feed our son.

If it looks like you have a lot of spare money to fling around it will undoubtedly work against you.

Just IMO
I would ask her to explain why she needs more.
If necessary get a solicitor involved. She maybe trying to claim financial abuse.

Your problem is that Stay at Home Mums with high earning husbands and limited earning potential themselves generally get very favourable settlements in divorce cases.
Whatever you do do not call your money ‘my spending money’

Just say after bills are paid you have xxx and she has xxx she buys food and you buy fuel.

If she is a stay at home mum and you separate depending on age of kids she may have to work especially if in Universal Credit area. Any spousal maintenance will be deducted £ for £ also.

If you separate whilst still living together she can claim benefits right now but you must financially disassociate.

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