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Should I appeal?
Result of my failed prohibited steps application has just sunk in.  When I put the application in there was a directions hearing (yesterday) and a second hearing listed for a month's time.  Ex sent a statement of "distress" and lies saying she wanted mediation.  Judge ordered my application to be withdrawn and for her to have mediation with me before changing anything.  But the upshot is, she will move and I am trying to prove alienation.   I had good evidence to prove that the proposed move was for vindictive purposes to reduce son's time (and then the alienation would be completed) and some evidence of alienation.  But without that second hearing there was no chance to present that.  Judge just sided with the Mother and dismissed the hostile emails.

So should I appeal?  Because otherwise my son is going to left with an alienator who is moving away.  I am trying to think it through.  She has to have mediation - nothing reasonable will get agreed - then she will have to apply to vary the order (she will want to reduce the schedule) for when she moves.  At the stage I could contest the variation down and try and apply for son to stay here and live with me and visit her - and show the evidence that the move is not for genuine reasons.

She is already building a fabricated case against me to undermine the evidence I have and has sent a lot of fake emails - and will get son to say something bad or write a letter as well.
You know your ex partner has no chance of reducing contact. You cant just move and reduce contact for no reason. If its a inconvenience for her than that's her own fault.

I think reason why they want you to do mediation is cause she hasn't actually moved yet. Shes saying she wants to mediate so she ought to be telling you what her plans are and you
can get your side across. Naturally you will want your son to remain at his current school. I guess you will need to arrange mediation a.s.a.p. so you can find out exactly what her plans are.

schools break on t 23rd July.
Good point - I doubt she will arrange mediation. Checked the wording and it doesn't say she has to have mediation before changing anything, it just says she has to allow enough time for mediation. Wouldn't surprise me if mediator says it's not suitable for mediating when they hear/see some of the things that have happened.

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