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Nursery time + contact time?
I'm due to have my daughter for one night per week at the end of this month, at the moment she is still 1 and attending nursery 3 full days per week, so if i am right she is optionally doing this and paying for it..

The judge was pretty pathetic with the court order and only stated one overnight stay per week, despite me asking for a specific day each week so I know were I am and my ex can't dictate when I can have her. My ex wont allow weekends because this means she 'wont see her daughter enough', The problem I am having is, I know she will give me my daughter on a day were she is in nursery both days, simply to spite me so I see her less.

At the moment she finishes nursery at 5pm, goes to sleep for the night at around 7pm, then is up at around 7am (give or take) - then back to nursery for 8am.

With this I'll only be able to spend maybe 3 hours at a push with her a week since she will be sleeping, which wont be much quality time as i'll be feeding and bathing her as soon as I get in from picking her up. This 1 night per week is a step up on having her 2 afternoons per week, which actually worked out more time to spend with her as it was weekdays she wasnt in nursery!

My question is, is since my ex is still paying for nursery (until she is 2 anyways) - can I remove her for an afternoon or let her finish early so I can spend more quality time with her? Say pick her up at lunch time?

I know I am within my rights to remove her from nursery if I wanted too since I have PR - its more the fact if the mother kicks off at the review hearing which is in several months time. I don't want the judge to get the impression I am interfereing with her nursery schedule to be selfish or so, when in reality, the mother could book my daughter in anyway for less time in nursery so she would save herself money in the first place, but alas she will spite me at every turn possible without a care to our daughters wellbeing..

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