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More moving stuff
Son tells me tonight they are going to look at house rentals at the week-end - about 1.5 to 2 hours drive away.  She could be signed up to a house on Monday and moved within 2 weeks.  Not giving me enough time for mediation to agree on a variation of the shared care arrangements.  Think I need a solicitor's letter sending asap saying she needs to confirm her intention to move and start mediation before committing to anything or she'll be in breach of the undertaking (I think). Son thinks he is moving house and changing schools without it even being discussed with me.
where it is Friday today. would it be worth waiting to see what your son says next contact after weekend. is she going to definitely move or is she still deliberately trying to annoy you. if she moves she is making life harder for herself as well

I would be chatting to your sons school as well . don't you take your son school a lot

I do see schools break up on 23rd this month. I know you cant just normally rent and move in immediately but there Is 6 weeks summer holidays. definitely speak with school , couldn't they keep his place open at school if u did go to court. its malicious what she is doing and surely not allowed
I was advised by my solicitor to ring the education authority where she is going to say you ahve parental responsibility and that the child should not be admitted to a new school without your agreement. Not sure if this is relevant to your case though.
It might be - thanks! Solicitor is doing a letter today. I was going to do one myself but it needs someone who can categorically state the meaning of the undertaking and what would be a breach. To be honest if it wasn't for alienation I would just accept a variation of the shared care (and push for 3 week-ends out of four). But her whole intention is to enable the alienation. I don't know what to say to son. Left it that there needs to be some discussion but he is quite confused and flat and thinks I am powerless and his Mum will just go ahead - and she may well do. If it is indeed a breach I will enforce asap - however she may just hide that she has taken on a rental.

Warwickshire she could be moved in a week or two. She would pay rent on both houses for a month. She'll probably time it for the end of term or school holidays saying there's time to mediate before September (but not enough time to apply to court again in time for September) and then claim he's settled there and should go to school there.

Just doing what I can now.

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