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My wife wants to leave me
Hi dru0618, I was wondering what the outcome of your situation was? I've read all the comments and I really feel for you mate.
Well the marriage is over 100%. Much like other posts I read on here, sometimes she is fine and others not. It's been 3 months and I've had the boys every weekend but we can have an argument over nothing. Currently I face time the boys every morning and night and one night in the week I'll go to the house to put them to bed and she sends me pics and videos of the boys daily, overall very amicable but when we argue she takes the power.

Only yesterday we had an argument because even though I pay every single bill still, she wants to go out tonight and I refused to babysit so out of our joint account she is paying for the babysitter and I kicked off and now this morning when I called she ignored me. Three times I tried to facetime to speak to my boys and It hurts so much that she can use the boys against me. They shouldn't suffer. She even filmed me whilst she was pushing my buttons last night as some sort of proof. I didn't shout. swear or abuse her but for her to film me in my own home was heartbreaking.

We need to start mediation soon hopefully, although we always promised it wouldn't get messy and i know deep down it will.
hey Dru,

That sounds terrible mate. where are you staying?
What do you mean by "she takes all the power"?

It sounds like she is dealing with it like a child - not answering your calls etc. Its not good.

I know how you feel with regards to the constant arguing and over pointless things - although it feels so serious at the time.
I'm living at my parents and the kids stay one day a week with me there. I obviously want to get my own place but don't want to waste renting when eventually I would like to buy myself my own place. She takes all the power means if she doesn't want me to speak or see the kids I can't. If she answers, or sends me pictures its her call!

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