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Some insight
Im still fighting my corner as a resident dad in this truly unreal court system.

I take my hat off to your dear dads who are in the flip side to my situ, I cannot imagine how it must feel not being able to see your children, especially when being accused falsely of abuse.

I am a victim of dv, a victim of the courts.
Ive always stood my ground when my child has been subject to the abuse and victim of dv.Yet the system has failed to acknowledge this ,especially when the evidence has been provided.

I have learned that it does not matter how much evidence you provide, the courts and cafcass will continue to disregard the revised practice direction 12j. Oh only if your a dad.

Its shocking, ive spent 1000s, won my appeal based on PD 12j, but what for? as the hearings that followed my appeal did nothing but only do what they did before my appeal. Ignore the Domestic abuse.

I can safely say, dont trust those who say they are acting on the best interest of the children.
You can say a,b,c and the report will state xyz.

The rules in the family court will get bent, its behind closed doors so rule breaking will alway be fluent.

Let's see what happens at the next hearing.
Good luck to all the dads om here

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