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Need opinions regarding the ex breaching her own Non-Molestation Order.
Yeah 3 days to go and it is so hard due to the “what if” scenarios.

There is a part of me that thinks if we spoke we could have reached an agreement that benefits our sons, say I have them every 2 weeks out of six and every other weekend, until they start school as my oldest isn’t 3 until January.

But there is also the part of me that thinks all she would have done is edited the call if she recorded it to make things be in her favour, by appearing to make me out as lying.

I wonder if it has something to do with the 21 evidence exhibits totalling 73 pages of evidence? ?
That all corroborates my side of the events in my statement, including her restricting me from seeing my sons falsely on grounds of mental health since April... that and it all shows what she claims she was a victim of abuse was actually me as the victim... so guessing I rattled her cage a bit before Monday?
u rattled her cage. She is getting worried but little does she know and nor do you they wont read your 73 pages of evidence. they flick through it and pick up on key stuff. its all about access and whats best for children. the way your ex is behaving she clearly knows though that an arrangement needs to be made and that's not by speaking to her 3 days before court.

my ex tried talking to me a week before court and making offers i hardly spoke and stayed calm and said i will wait until court .

U got a non molestation order and always remember that when she texts or rings you. until it expires have nothing to do with her that could lead to you getting into trouble
The beautiful part is that I know unless all of my evidence was in direct relation to the children being hurt and not just issues between us, the magistrate/judge wouldn't read it all. Though fair play to the one who does...
All that will happen is the more evidence submitted that can substantiate my side of the events, will lead to the courts raising a probability factor that she has in fact been the abuser, not the abused.

Just a shame that there seems to be no comeback on women who either get a NMO or accept an undertaking for one, only to later abuse it themselves.
The courts should seriously change how this order is granted.

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